So Free, the taste of freedom!

So Free is a story created in 2015 by two entrepreneurs passionate about healthy food and travel!

Feel good, feel free… It is with this philosophy that we passionately concoct great recipes made from organic ingredients, to bring you a dose of sweetness and a good mood!

At So Free, the taste is the most important thing… We create natural and delicious organic recipes by focusing on short ingredient lists, always guaranteed to be without dyes, additives or flavours!

Organic ginger & lemon

organic hibiscus

Organic turmeric & lemon

 organic green tea & mint

organic orange carott & mango

organic apple & cucumber

organic beet & passion fruit

organic pepper

organic tomato & chili pepper

organic onion


All our ingredients are sourced from organic farming and are selected with the utmost care


Located next to Lyon, we passionately create organic, healthy and delicious recipes… Always in a good mood!


 All our recipes are guaranteed to be without dyes, flavours and additives. We favour the most natural and essential

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